Freelance B2B copywriter, corporate writer, ghost writer, senior editor Jane Clement based in Sydney Australia
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Who am I?

I’m Jane Clement - a freelance corporate writer and editor, B2B copywriter and CEO ghost writer who loves taming unruly words and is lucky enough to make a living out of it. Freelance copywriter corporate writer Sydney Australia

In my industry, I'm considered a senior professional. In case you were wondering, that reflects my experience, not my age.

My happy place is working on strategic writing projects that other writers find too complex, difficult or obtuse. Bring me your sustainability reporting suites and public discussion papers. Share your tenders, CEO speeches and white papers. Throw your technical websites, awards submissions and thought leadership articles into my inbox. I love them all! 

I was born to wrangle words, so you can talk to me about all things print, digital and spoken.

One month, I'm writing a CEO blog series, an EDM flyer, a microsite and a staff magazine. The next, I'll be focused on an annual report, a value proposition, an information memorandum and a pitch deck.

If your project involves using the wonders of the English language to inform, persuade or engage people, I'm in.

To see the range of formats I work in, click here. If you'd like to know more, get in touch.

Reasons you should hire me

#1 I'll  bring a high level of maturity, strategic thinking and insight to your project.

#2 I appreciate my clients' challenges because I've faced them too - I've worked in-house for corporations, governments and agencies.

#3 I'm really versatile. My portfolio is overflowing with traditional and digital business to business, business to consumer and corporate communications of all kinds. 

#4 I'm a pedantic editor. My copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves is well-thumbed.

#5 I’m a trained journalist, so I never miss a deadline, am great at research and can find a good hook for any story.

#6 I will deliver the goods. You can rely on me to create order out of chaos, turn jargon into everyday language and transform an ugly draft into a thing of beauty.

My strengths

High level strategic corporate documents

Multi-faceted B2B marketing campaigns

Responses to tenders and business awards submissions

Creative B2C copywriting

Communications that explain complex information to non-specialist audiences

Large, multiple-contributor projects

CEO speeches and internal communications

Targeted campaigns for specialist groups

Projects that are really challenging or difficult to pigeon-hole

Specialist expertise

Technology - energy - environment - financial services - management, leadership and diversity - health - professional services - investment - government - FMCG - SMEs - manufacturing - construction - infrastructure - resources

I've either worked extensively with organisations in these areas or written substantially about related topics, but they are by no means the limit of my expertise. So if industry knowledge is important and yours isn't listed, just ask. There's a high chance I've written for or about it.

Who are my clients?

In-house marketing, sales, HR and sustainability teams

PR, marketing, design, content and digital agencies

C-suite executives

Custom publishers

For names and examples, click here.